Sail Cruise Books

You need to bring some simple equipment with you.

Pen,  pencil, (a 2B is best), pencil sharpener, rubber and a note pad.

You will also need a Portland Plotter and a pair of dividers for the Essential Navigation course, the Day Skipper and Coastal Skipper/Yachtmaster courses.

We can supply these on the first day of your course for £23.00 or they are available through our online Bookshop.

We will provide tea, coffee and biscuits though the day

You should bring your own packed lunch.


There are lots of excellent books and other publications that you may find useful in developing your knowledge and understanding of navigation and other things nautical.  We have copies of a wide range of these books that you can look at to help you decide which if any you want to buy.

We do recommend that students purchase the  “RYA Sail Cruising and Yachtmaster Scheme – Syllabus and Logbook”(£5.99) This small book explains the structure and content of the RYA courses as well as giving you a place to record all your “boaty” achievements.

We also recommend purchase of  “Admiralty Chart 5011, Symbols and Abbreviations” (£20) This booklet is the “key” to Admiralty charts and an essential reference work for any skipper or navigator

We can supply these books at the start of your course or they are available from the RYA online just click on the link at the top of the page

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