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 Practical Courses on the Clyde

 Experience building sailing weekends from Oban


 Welcome to Leith Nautical Sailing Academy and thank you for   visiting our site.

 Leith Nautical is an Edinburgh based  RYA training centre, run by a   team of passionate sailors. Over the past nine years we have been   providing courses for sailors, power boaters , coastal rowers, sea   kayakers, and divers. 

 We offer a wide range of RYA shorebased courses:

 Day Skipper, Coastal Skipper/Yachtmaster Offshore, Ocean   Master, First AidVHF  Marine Radio (SRC), and Sea Survival

 All of these being run in the centre of  Edinburgh. We offer more   than  just the  RYA shorebased courses: 

  • We offer RYA Practical  courses on the Clyde with Britsail aboard their spectacular 40 foot Beneteau 411
  • We offer experience building trips to the West of Scotland
  • We provide  own boat tuition

 For thosese who prefer to learn on line at home please take a look   at  our on line courses. We currently have some really fantastic   offers on our Essential Navigation and VHF / SRC Marine Radio   courses. The RYA Day Skipper and Yachtmaster Coastal/Offshore   are now available provided by Skippers Online. 

Give us a call and speak to your instructor

 If you have any questions or queries about the courses: which one   should you do, what’s in the course, how much homework there is,   can you vary the dates, then please phone or text Paul  on   07513846229  or email: leithnautical@gmail.com. 

 We have no switchboard, or office staff you will have to go through.   You will be speaking directly to one of our instructors who will   discuss the course with you.


Theory courses

 Our courses run throughout the year with our navigational  theory   courses beginning inJanuary 2020  when most yachts are out of the   water, and the courses take place in Edinburgh at the very   impressive Trinity Bowling Club.


 On the water activities

 In the Summer months we like to go sailing, and we’d be delighted to  take you with us. Just get in touch and the rest will be plain sailing !! 


 RYA practical courses 

 We  offer practical courses,  sailing on the Clyde with Britsail   aboard  a fabulous Beneteau 411. These can be either at the   weekend or during the week from  April until November. 


 Sailing the West of Scotland from Oban

 We are planning  regular trips to  West of Scotland in 2020 and   would be delighted if you’d like to join us.


 Experience and mile building

 This is the way to build up your practical course experience; 100   nautical miles for the Day Skipper, 400 for the Coastal and 2500 for   the Yachtmaster Offshore. We can fit in night hours and longer   passages.


 International Certificate of Competency

 If you need an ICC, for example if you’re planning to charter a boat   abroad then it’s easily organised.  Our instructors run ICC  with the   RYA Practical centre Britsail. The ICC  can be obtained either on   one of Britsail’s boats,  or if you prefer, on your own boat.  


 Just having fun

 Cruising the beautiful Clyde on a lovely big comfortable yacht for a   week or a weekend: perfect: what could be better?


 To suit you

  We pride ourselves on being as  flexible as we can be. 

 If there is a course you would like to do, but at a venue more   convenient for you and on dates which would better suit you then   please give us a call, send a text or drop us an email:-   leithnautical@gmail.com

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 We also have a YouTube Channel which will help you with your   theory knowledge.  It is free to subscribe to our channel, please   check it out.


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